Cold cathode ion gun.

Engraving. Cleaning. Etch. Assited deposit. An electrostatic reflex ion source IG-1, filamentless, long life time together with an optic grid for collimated or focused beam.

low and high energy

IG-1 is designed to operate under a wide range of analytical conditions

  • 5 to 200 eV or 200 to 2000 eV
  • Beam current: 20 to 200 µA/cm2
  • Beam diameter: 2 to 20 mm

mounting option

IG-1 is adaptable to most of the experiments and instruments

  • ion source: diameter 50×60 mm
  • internal chamber mounting
  • flange mounting for UHV (with differential pumping)

power supply

IG-1 is piloted through a very efficient electronic and supply controller

  • 19” wide
  • 3U

Focused ion beam.

IG-F ion source for general purpose. Sample preparation. Micro-electronic applications. Submicron-machining on SEM. Several mounting options.

technical overview

Ultra-high vacuum compatible & modular pre-centered ion optics for various options.

  • Beam diameter: 50 to 1000 nm
  • Energy: 1 to 30 keV
  • Airlock system incorporated
  • Time compressed ion beam modulator, TOF applications (patented). In this case pulse width is lower than 1 ns
  • Our standard FIB system can be mounted on many commercial SEM. Cross-beam operating FIB/SEM fully available.

Liquid metal ion source.

Micromachining. Resolution tests. Ions implantation. Patented aluminium liquid metal ion source IG-L is

operating specifications

Heating current: approximately 1.9 A, 5V DC. First heat have to reach slowly (~2 minutes) the working conditions. Once heating current is determined, current is obtain through a I/O switch.

  • Extraction voltage: 11±1 kV (or lower, depending on the emitter radius and electrode geometry)
  • Expected life: more than 200 hours with emission current of 20 µA
  • Required vacuum: better than 10-5 Pa
  • Base: Nanoptik or customer base