A New Story

After a two-years work, we are proud to announce the creation of Nanoptik! Nanoptik is a French metrology company interested as much in the development of instruments as in platforms allowing their operability in the atmosphere or in space. The history of our company began with a meeting with Nguyen Hoan, electronic optics engineer who founded the company OPEA in 1974. For more than 40 years, he was one of the leader in the field of electronic optics. We have all worked with each other, because we are already manufacturers or operators of these technologies, so we wanted to build something together.

Decades of shared expertise taught us that while these technologies are mature, they also constitute an exciting field of investigation for the development of new instruments or derivatives dedicated to specific environments.

We could have continued to do what we know, but we wanted to go further: why staying a the laboratory? Why not also think about how the instruments can travel and be used where they are unexpected? Maybe tomorrow we will put an electron microscope on the moon? This is why Nanoptik also designs aerospace vehicles able to simply carry academic or commercial payload, in sky or space, all with a strong control on our environmental budget.

The raison d’être of Nanoptik is to push back the limits of existing technology in fields as varied as materials sciences, geology, astronomy, planetology, biology and Medicine. We all agreed that there was a room for a company that propose high quality products, with low running coasts.

Because we believe in sharing knowledge between generations, we also thought of Nanoptik as a runway for students, young engineers and technicians by offering high-level jobs to promote their employability.